Lead iOS Engineer, Mobile Innovation Program

July 2013 – Decemeber 2015

At Walgreens I focused on innovation, creating high-fidelity proof of concepts, and expanding our patent portfolio for mobile. In my tenure at Walgreens I established key relationships with strategic partners and have traveled to support the business when needed. I’ve was fortunate to represent Walgreens at numerous major tech conferences, that I had only dreamed of attending a few years earlier.

My work at Walgreens spanned across multiple verticals, from working with software to interfacing with hardware.

In just under 2 years at Walgreens I won two MVP awards in my division for going above and beyond my role, I have created and submitted over 100 proof of concepts, and have been a leader in patent submissions for mobile.


  • • eCommerce MVP Award, November 2013
  • • Digital Engineering & Mobile Solutions MVP Award, October 2014
  • • Attended WWDC 2014 & WWDC 2015, Grow with Google 2015
  • • Over 10 technology patent applications submitted
  • • Worked closely with Apple, Google, Twitter, and Pinterest

Projects of Note:

  • • Adobe Creative SDK
  • • Apple Technologies: 3D Touch, Action Extension, Apple Pay, Geofencing, HealthKit, iBeacon, PassKit, PhotoKit, Touch ID, Search API, Share Extension, tvOS, Today View Extension, WatchKit, WatchOS2
  • • Beacons Hardware and Software (iBeacon and BLE Beacons)
  • • BLE Medical Devices
  • • Google Technologies: Now,App Indexing, App Indexing API, Instant Buy, GDK, Mirror API,
  • • Multiple Internal Apps
  • • OCR, VR, and Image Scanning
  • • Pebble
  • • Philips Hue
  • • Qualcomm 2Net, Jawbone API
  • • Uber and Postmates API