Sleigh Joyride

Developer, Designed by Enrique Sanchez

Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPod Touch, and AppleTV

Sleigh Joyride was a fun project a co-worker and I decided to build in early to mid November. I had always wanted to learn and build a SpriteKit game, so this was a great opportunity and learning experience, I was also fortunate my co-worker Enrique is a world-class illustrator and game up with some amazing game art. What's even more amazing is we designed, built and tested the iOS version in just under 4 weeks. It was the plan from the start to build the iOS version first, and then after we submitted it, I would then work on building a version based on tvOS, well thanks to SpriteKit it turns out it only took 1 day to port over the iOS version, and we only needed a few additional graphics to support the TV, in 3 days we submitted the tvOS version to Apple.

Paralax Icon Preview

Early Level Explorations

AppleTV Preview

iPhone Preview

Example Texture Atlas